Language Services, Victoria

The Economic Factor

Language services cost usually contribute a small percentage of the overall cost for organizations and businesses dealing with clients who speak a different language. And yet, language services can be the key component for ensuring the success of a particular transaction or even the ongoing success of an organisation.

Sarina Phan Language Services can help your organization become more efficient, effective, competitive, and inclusive both on the domestic and international market.

Interpreting and Translation

Interpreting refers to oral translation. In these instances an interpreter renders messages from one language to another verbally for two or more parties. Translation refers to the conversion of languages in written form. This can be in the format of a manual, a business contract or a birth certificate.

Sarina Phan Language Services is the premier provider, specialising in the English and Vietnamese languages. Ourinterpreters and translators are professionally trained with many years of experience and are of world class standard. They are all NAATI accredited at the professional level and above.