Cross Cultural Training

The Formula For Culture:

The "collective vision" lead to "collective thinking" lead to "collective action" lead to "collective reality" = CULTURE

Understanding culture is the next step beyond the language barrier that would ensure success of any organization that operates in multi-cultural Australia as well as those operating in the world community.

Miscommunication can occur even when two parties come from the same culture and speak the same language. When communicating with people from a different cultural background, it is important to note that they may interpret or convey messages differently, increasing the risks of misunderstanding which may lead to conflict and reducing the chance of success.

Training in cross-cultural communication will equip the staff with the skills that will help minimise the risks of misunderstanding when dealing with clients. The training can also benefit staff on a personal level, by improving their communication skills when dealing with family, friends, and neighbours.

Training Solution
Sarina Phan Language Services is in a unique position to deliver cross cultural training over a spectrum of purposes that will benefit organizations such as community groups to multi-national companies as well as law enforcement agencies and court networks.

All of our training programs are tailor-designed to meet the different needs of our clients.